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It'll open RocketDock Settings window. In first tab, enable the option "Store Settings in a Portable INI (single-user)" as shown in following screenshot: Click on OK button. This option will store all your customized settings and program shortcuts in a file "" present in RocketDock's application folder. 6. You have set RocketDock to. Nov 29,  · This is an addition to my other video on installing rocketdock. This is an addition to my other video on installing rocketdock How keep rocketdock settings after shut down 1CallerNotKnown. Mar 28,  · Saving Rocket Dock Settings. Discussion in 'Computer Software' started by knoughtyd, Apr 30, U can use the other method also of saving the settings in ini file but u'll lose all themes and also icons (if they are in the RocketDock folder which they will be). #5 clown_abhi, Apr 30, Could also try creating a blank "" file in RocketDock's program files folder.(without RocketDock running) This should put it into portable mode, . RocketDock is an incredible launcher for Windows 10 and other versions. It gives you too many new things and features like the dock on the top edge of the screen to drop files, folders, and application’s shortcuts for easy access and arrangement. So all these items are entirely customizable and to set your location, size, look and everything. Apr 09,  · If for whatever reason you cannot access RocketDock's Settings and need to completely reset RocketDock to "factory default" settings/icons, follow these steps: Press Control+Alt+Delete and use the Task Manager to force-quit RocketDock If you are NOT using "Portable INI Settings" (recommended), follow these steps. We're Punk Labs and we love making games and stuff! Raster Prime. A brutally difficult puzzle game of obelisks, glyphs, and a mystery which remains unsolved. RocketDock. Our super-cool dock for Windows. It's a bit outdated, but people still love it. Download. Now Replace the default "" file present in RocketDock's folder with this new one. But if you want transparent background for Charms Bar instead of default black, then Simply rename "" file to "" and replace the "" file present in RocketDock folder with this one. 7. Aug 07,  · RocketDock position is fully configurable from the settings menu, so you can place it virtually anywhere on your screen. What's new in RocketDock Fixed an INI /5(76).I have the setting enabled to store the config in an ini file (single user) if you backup the file located in the rocketdock dir it should keep all Be sure the link in the registry setting: CustomIconFolder is set to that. I want to take my settings for Rocketdock from a previous partition but I did not have it set to store in a The only way I know of for achieving this is to backup the complete Rocketdock folder from the program files. How do I save these settings incase I reinstall the appp in the future so I have the setting enabled to store the config in an ini file (single user). One important option for deploying standard settings in a Unidesk layer is that the dock can be configured to run using a simple ini file. The configuration can. As of late something on my system is interfering with RocketDock .. -Backup of registry values to maintain settings from computer-to-computer. posted in Windows Customization: Well, I was installing Rocketdock after files Rocketdock folder to find some sort of config file that I could add an icon if the task manager is showing rocket dock on the list then it must be at. Language switching is not supported through the INI options in RocketDock. July 30, Proper language switching implemented. Shortcuts. Is there any way that i can save Rocket Dock settings and use it later on in Check the box saying "Store Settings in Portable INI(Single User). A shorcut to the app is created and the registry settings merged using AutoIt: A partially file is placed in the script directory: expand the Dock [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\RocketDock-v\Icons].


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