Ricoh single pass document feeder

However, it stands out due to two features: It prints particularly cheaply, which is unfortunately not a matter ricoh single pass document feeder course even with higher-priced models.

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There are printers where a full colour page costs more than one euro. A second important point is the ID card slot, which can be particularly important if, for example, an authority frequently has to copy or scan identity cards or other cards. With the feeder, this can be done very quickly, without having to place the card on the scanner glass and turn it over.

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Also the "Dual-Duplex"-scanner is not always available even in the more expensive models - it can be very useful if one frequently has to copy double-sided originals. Either the mechanics on the scanner cannot turn the original at all, then the user has to do it by hand.

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Or the mechanics can rotate the original automatically. But this takes time and can lead to paper jams. The ideal solution is two scan lines that automatically scan a sheet fisch mann flirten paper from both sides in a single pass - it's fast and doesn't require any mechanics to turn the paper.

ricoh single pass document feeder

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