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Inittab file not found redhat


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Introduction to Linux Runlevels, time: 10:14


Jan 25,  · but i dont have the "inittab" file (only inittab~ and torchous.dee), it's a little strange, because i remember that i modified the inittab, and my modify are in torchous.dee and not in inittab~ Last edited by czar82 ( ). I NEVER would have figured out what was going on without the help I received. Having said that, I'm on to the next roadblock. The upgrade to claims to have completed. The system started to boot, but then spewed out a few disconcerting messages: INIT: No inittab file . The /etc/inittab file controls what happens whenever a Unix system is rebooted or forced to change run levels. Let's take a look at the configuration lines that tell your system what it's supposed. “No inittab file found” after reset. Ask Question 0. An old dedicated server (Debian with Raid1) wasn't responding today and now can't boot after manual reset. Last message is. No inittab file found. I still have access to filesystem via rescue system. Configuration files: The /etc/inittab file was used by the init process in RHEL 6 and earlier to point to the initialization files (such as /etc/torchous.det) and runlevel service directories (such as /etc/rc5.d) needed to start up the system.From: Jon Wright ; To: redhat-list redhat com; Subject: System hangs with "No inittab file found" message; Date: Fri. Server does not boot up. Booting is stuck with 'INIT: Issue. Server does not boot up. Booting is stuck with 'INIT: no inittab file found' message. telinit q does not start services defined in /etc/inittab. In RHEL 6, /etc/inittab file is deprecated, and is now used only for setting up the default. I am not sure if I did some software update or not, but the thing is that now I can't boot. I get the error "no inittab file found, enter runlevel. "Dear All, I have a Redhat system with me in my home. My friend has edited inittab file by changing the default run level to 6. not used in the /etc/inittab. After rebooting i am getting the following error: INIT: no inittab file found enter runlevel: i typed 1 INIT: entering runlevel 1 INIT: no more. Generally, though, the RedHat concept of runlevels isn't used on Debian or any of the "network, but not graphics" style distinctions that RedHat draws. to parse the /etc/inittab and determine the default runlevel from this file. This file defines: 1. the runlevel in which init will start the system by default 2. The initdefault line in /etc/inittab tells init which runlevel to go to if it has not been . Recover from deleted /etc/inittab file in RHEL If you have missed the show then that's not a problem as you can get it from this link. Now when. No inittab file found. Enter runlevel. I try to type 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, but nothing works. The strange thing is that my Arch yesterday worked fine.


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